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Oregon Coast Photopalooza

Newport, Oregon: The sun and fog battled it out all day, with the sun eventually winning the fight at the end of the day. It was warm enough, we did not need sweaters all day! I was inspired to run along the fabulous new bike path the city has constructed. The bike path runs from the new National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Operations Center, all the way down the jetty to the mouth of the Pacific, and then connects with a state park! The paved (and lighted) path goes for miles... I went for three...

Can you see the huge new dock behind the just-completed NOAA building?

I'm on track (pun intended) to accomplish my July goal and may be able to take Saturday off. You go, girl!

After running, showering, working a bit and going to the post office, we headed down to the historical Nye Beach area of Newport for lunch at Nana's Irish Pub.

Yummy for my tummy.

We both ordered Reuben sandwiches... until we saw a Reuben sandwich being delivered to a nearby table and quickly asked our server if we could split a Reuben - they were huge. Nana's Irish Pub corns their own beef, and they serve the sandwich with slivered stewed cabbage instead of sauerkraut. Delish! Highly recommended.

Properly fueled and hydrated, we started our day with a walk down to Nye Beach and then a (purchase-free) stroll through the cute shops and galleries.

Nye Beach - Newport, Oregon. It was 66 degrees this afternoon.

Since the weather was so lovely, we decided to spend the day exploring the area between Newport and Depoe Bay - less than a twenty-mile stretch - but we were away four hours! We drove north to Depoe Bay and then stopped at all the viewpoints on the way back to our RV in Newport.

Depoe Bay hasn't changed much since I was a child. My folks used to bring us here to whale-watch and we always bought saltwater taffy from Ainslee's. They are still in business and today we bought saltwater taffy to send to The Lovely Lisa. Caramel, upon request.

Depoe Bay is the "World's Smallest Harbor" - or so reads the sign as you enter town. This little harbor was damaged due to the tsunami after the terrible earthquake in Japan this past March:

I realize this is nothing compared to what happened in Japan, but it does show the power of Mother Nature. Japan is over 5,000 miles from Oregon. (Which makes the "National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration" title a bit ironic.)

The damage has been repaired and the village has returned to it's usual touristy self - Depoe Bay is a great place for a whale-watching boat ride.

After walking the streets of Depoe Bay, we returned to the Honda and started the drive back to Newport. We stopped at Whale Cove for a pretty vista north.

And a pretty view south.

We found a busy bee...

... and a begging bird.

We also took the very curvy, narrow (i.e. do not bring your big motorhome) Otter Crest Drive - a scenic detour.

Another stop was to Cape Foulweather, named by Captain James Cook in March of 1778, on a day I assume was not quite as pleasant as today... though the fog was trying to cover the cape.

Our last stop was Devil's Punchbowl State Park. On a stormy winter day, the ocean water rages into this worn rock formation, churns and sprays water into the air. In the summer, well... you may notice people down in the punchbowl. (You will never notice me down in the punchbowl. I have seen the tsunami videos.)

The view north from the punchbowl is to The Inn at Otter Crest, one of the oldest and nicest resorts on the coast. Beautiful gardens surround the resort, which features ocean-view rooms, fine dining, a swimming pool, hiking and beach access. Very nice!

South of the punchbowl is Beverly Beach, where you can surf if you have a wetsuit. The water is never warm enough to surf in Oregon without a wetsuit. There is also a very nice state park campground at Beverly Beach.

This ground squirrel was posing for tourists above the Devil's Punchbowl. I hope a few of the above photos have prompted you to think about pointing your RV towards The Great State of Oregon - as we assume these California RVers have. Great license plate!

We stayed in this evening. I roasted organic chicken breasts in Hyde Park Seasoning from The Spice House in Evanston, Illinois. Life is good.

Until my next update, I remain, your sunny correspondent.