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New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: We drove the Honda over to Los Angeles this afternoon to return Reese - and to spend the weekend with The Lovely Lisa.

Dave and I are staying at The Redbury in Hollywood - just a few miles from Lisa's house. Apparently, the Redbury was once an apartment building and it was being retro-fitted into hip, stylish condos for young hipsters just as the market for hipsters-buying-condos collapsed, so they turned the Redbury into a very chic hotel for hipsters. The rooms have kitchens, washer/dryers and come in studio, one, and two bedroom suites. Situated on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, a tourist could not ask for a better location. (Truth-be-told, I booked this hotel months ago on the off-chance Our Ducks would be playing in the Rose Bowl tomorrow.)

Our kitchen at The Redbury in Hollywood. Two gas burners, an oven and an under-counter refrigerator (that is lacking a freezer compartment!). The drawers in the kitchen close automatically. Kinda freaky.

DT and I trying to be as hip as possible for the weekend.

From our balcony, we have a view of the famous Capitol Record Building.

And... if I stand on the bed... I can see the Hollywood sign!

The bathroom is fabulous - teeny black tiles, open shower, two huge closets, separate room for the toilet and a European-style washer/dryer combo... which, of course, as a RVer, I am very familiar.

We had dinner with The Lovely Lisa and Lenny at Lisa's pretty little house. As is our New Year's Eve family tradition, I prepared a very unhealthy Fettuccini Alfredo. Once a year - whether we need it or not.

We may have enjoyed a few bottles of The Widow in front of a crackling fire. (It is chilly in Los Angeles.)

Ah, young love... Lisa & Lenny. So sweet. Young love makes me hopeful for a Happy New Year.

As I look back on 2010 - with all the happy moments shared with My Beloved - the pain from losing My Mother in February is always there and overshadows the year. I know death is a part of the circle of life, part of living, part of being a daughter, part of being in a family. I am blessed to have supportive siblings & friends, my darling girl, and a rock of a spouse to help me through the grieving process. 2010 has been tough.

Here's to a Blessed 2011. Here's to good health. Here's to Happy and Safe Travels. Smooth Roads. Sunshine. (May I put in a good word here for My Ducks in the BCS Championship game January 10th?) Healthy food. Delicious wines. Long runs on smooth trails. Here's to good times spent with those you treasure. 

Here's to Love.

Until my next update, I remain, your hopeful correspondent.