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Dinner at Vizhier & Andy’s

Los Angeles, California: It poured rain all day in Los Angeles. Streets flooded. Dave and I spent the day at The Lovely Lisa's, just hanging out and watching some football. Reese just wanted to sit on DT's lap.

Our Girl is quite entertaining. Lisa had read an article about Costco "great deals" and a few items you should never buy at Costco. Kirkland wine was on the "buy" list. The conversation turned to the quality of Kirkland wine. We have never tried the wine. Lisa said she wouldn't buy Kirkland wine because "there is just something wrong with your wine and your toilet paper having the same brand". Lisa cracks me up. She is a publicist, and works exclusively with musicians (and a few comedians). Her work is interesting, challenging and her clients are all names everyone in the world knows. Lisa's world orbits in a completely different direction than ours.

By the way... have you ever tried Kirkland wine? Whataya think?

Lisa, Lenny, DT & myself were invited to dinner at the home of our old friends (from Portland who now live in Los Angeles), Vizhier & Andy.

Their home sits high on a hill and offers a view across Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean - beautiful at night with all the city lights!

Vizhier was inspired a while ago from a photo of a butterflied chicken on this website - and that is what she served tonight! Delicious! Moist! Vizhier also made an apple pie.

Vizhier & Andy have a beautiful daughter, Rose, age 4. We had a wonderful evening with our friends, talking for hours and sipping on wines that probably did not come from Costco. 

Our weekend in Los Angeles is over. Time to get back to our motorhome - and time to get back on the exercise program! Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.