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New Shutters

Thursday | 29 October 2020 | La Quinta, California: We have enjoyed a fairly quiet week, considering our courtyard is torn-up. The weather has turned to much cooler days (if you consider under-90 as "cooler"). Our most serious "job" is to completely soak the newly-installed palm tree with water each evening. Though we have no children (or grandchildren) in the house, we still put up a few (interior) Halloween decorations.

Can't let the Pandemic win.

I put a little pumpkin pie spice+water in the witches head (and a tea light under), and our house smelled pretty-much fall-ish right away. How old is this thing?

Not as old as this thing. The back of the wire-hanger pumpkin reads: Lisa, age 2. Was our girl working her early Warhol? Picasso? No matter: this "pumpkin" has been displayed every October (no matter in which country we were living) since 1983. Leo and Lucy really enjoyed laughing at this "art piece" a few weeks ago as they looked through our meager Halloween decor box.

We put out a few things. No trick-or-treaters this year. Just trying to make a bit of normal in a very non-normal time.

No one reading this column could possibly remember that in July we ordered white shutters for our windows. Anyone? The house we purchased had heavy dark (paisley!) valances, with heavy woven shades. The shutters we ordered in July were finally installed this week!

Family Room: before
Family room: after
Master bedroom: before
Master bedroom: after

We really can't even being to describe the difference the shutter have made in our new house! So nice. We are so happy with the new window coverings. (Sadly, the three single-door coverings were not made correctly, so will be re-ordered - not on our dime - and will be installed at a later date. Insert "sad face" here.)

It's always something.

Best thing? The installers removed all the old brown valances and drop-down shades - and hauled them away!

Dave and I left the bubble (wearing masks!) and went to a local nursery to chose pots for our new courtyard project. We ordered five BLUE pots. So exciting to leave the house! Arnold's crew will begin placing pavers tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Since the weather has cooled, we are able to leave the sliding glass doors to the verandah open most of the day. But the screens needed cleaning, and the verandah needed cleaning. Then the outdoor furniture needed their cushions washed. Then the windows needed washing. Then the cement needed a power-washing. Six hours later… our rear patio/verandah is gorgeous… and we are both so sore. The screen doors simply glide on their newly-oiled tracks.

Please appreciate the perfectly placed cocktail. Well deserved.

Until my next update, I remain, your shuttered correspondent.

5 thoughts

  1. After all that work my picture would have a shaker on that table along with that perfectly placed cocktail. You deserved a 2nd one if you chose.
    Your home is looking beautiful

  2. The shutters look fabulous. They are always my go to window covering and I love the little windows above the larger ones. Nice job. Your patio looks lovely and private.
    (by the way, the ads have returned in the middle of your paragraphs)

  3. Wow! The shutters are a wonderful improvement! It’ll be nice to control the amount of light in the rooms during the “seasons” in the desert.
    Enjoying the photos of the house as it seems that’s as close as we’ll get to a visit 🥺
    Happy Halloween 🎃

  4. What a difference the white shutters make! We have white wood blinds throughout our home and love the clean look. Stiil don’t have anything on our sliding glass doors in LR because the pandemic hit and I gave up. Blinds and shutters don’t really work well on sliders in my mind. Thinking curtains? Curious, do you have any sliders and how did you treat them?

    1. Two 3-panel-each sliders in living room. They are covered by our veranda, so only get very early morning direct sun. We removed the ugly valances, and are leaving them bare for now, as they are quite pretty and have transoms as well. If we do anything, DT is thinking of outdoor drop-down shades. Who knows? Paving project finished our home improvement budget. 💰

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