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Halloween 2020

Halloween | 31 October 2020 | La Quinta, California: There is no way anyone would know it is Halloween on our street. Maybe because not many residents have returned (yet?) to the desert? Maybe because few (if any?) kids live in our neighborhood? Pandemic, for sure, but we did not buy candy to give out this year. Did you? Did your doorbell even ring? (Honestly, I hope not.)

The paver crew arrived very early Friday morning. They worked in the morning to add sand and level-out the area to be covered with pavers, then began placing the pavers. Just after 3p, the workers headed home for the day. We had no contact with the crew all day - save waving through the windows. So sad for us, as we have know these guys for years - the same men who built our casita at the Motorcoach Country Club.

By the time they left for the weekend, the pavers extended through the covered entry and into the courtyard.

And... we also added a large addition to the paver job. Along the north side of our new house is a walk-way from the driveway to the rear of the house. Walking through this corridor, you would pass by the trash/recycling bins, the irrigation controls, two heat pumps, and the pool equipement:

Every time we Dave goes to the trash can, we he has to change shoes. So dirty and sandy and gritty. How could anyone live in a house - for 15 years - like this? Arnold's crew will build a 36-inch-wide walkway from the front of the house to the rear, with gravel along the sides. The walkway will be a huge improvement to our new property, and we DT will no longer have to drag the rubbish bins through sand and soggy lawn to the curb every week. Win-win!

We keep busy all day, and at 5p we enjoy appetizers and a cocktail, wait for the moon to rise, and then have dinner.

Our grandchildren are "celebrating" Halloween at home - completely opposite from the fun we had last year in Los Angeles.

Halloween pajamas!

No trick or treating, but they had a party at home. Leo was Chief Brody from Jaws (remember, Leo is currently shark-obsessed?). Lucile was Willa from the new Disney movie, Zombies II.

Lisa is the shark.

Super Mom

Nothing spooky here tonight - just an absolutely fabulous sunset. I hope all your goblins are safe and healthy tonight. Until my next update, I remain, your paved correspondent.