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New Deck – Day 2

A crew of two arrived before eight o'clock this morning. They had a load of Port Orford cedar 2x6 planks, assorted tools, screws, etc., and began putting our new deck together. It wasn't exactly peaceful around our house today.

We have a walkway leading from the deck behind the house... to the garage and side yard


Later in the afternoon

The main part of the deck. Photo taken from (newly painted/carpeted family room.
Sliding doors lead to the kitchen. Deck is 12 feet deep.

From the side yard, looking towards the house

So far, so good. Though the wood looks very light, in a month or two, it will be air-cured and we will have it sealed/stained and it will be so lovely. Can anyone say "deck warming party"???

The workers left promptly at five o'clock and UPS delivered the coffee table(s) at 5:05. Oh, goody... assembly required! I predict an Allen wrench in my future.

Time for something soothing... and I am not talking about a cocktail... though I predict a margarita (perfect with our chicken tacos) in my future tonight... I was referring to something soothing on the eyes and senses:

Our lavender is almost finished... but no one informed the bumblebees

Living in shady, damp, rainy Oregon... we have a lot of ferns on our property

Nothing prettier than a hydrangea...

...except possibly a hydrangea bud

Until my next update from our noisy home, I remain, your furniture-assembling correspondent.