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Progress report

Hello everyone. Not too much to report. Deck replacement continues at a snails pace. When the dude took our bid he said (and I quote) two... maybe three days. Day Three has come and gone and I predict two... maybe three more days work ahead.

Did I ever mention that inefficiency really, really, really, really (really, really) bugs me?

Early this morning

End of the day

Another view

DT was downtown all afternoon for meetings with the U, so it was just me and my trusty Allen wrench assembling the coffee tables for the new family room remodel. I just love the tables (chosen by our daughter) and they went together very quickly thanks to my vast experience with Pottery Barn Allen Wrench Assembly Instructions.

Seriously, I could have my own show.

Nice tables... now let's get to work on a giantamongous television, okay??

Until my next update - which hopefully will involve railings... but don't get too excited just yet... I remain, your Pottery Barn correspondent.