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Another post about our deck

Sorry. But our deck disaster is consuming our lives, so it is consuming my blog. Look away - or read on. At least the weather is cooperating. It didn't even get to seventy degrees today and we never saw the sun.

Oregon in August.

This is where we left-off last night... patches

Everyone in Washington County seems to be involved in our deck disaster. Our contractor had contacted the company that provided the original sealant. They have contacted the company that sold it to our contractor. I assume this is all to decide who is going to pay for the Deck Disaster. We do not have to pay... so I guess I really don't care who does have to pay... but still I do feel for the poor dudes who were slaving away all day on our tree house - because in the end, it has been decided that the deck must be sanded down to the original nakedness.

They tried solvent... they tried turpentine...

...in the end, a sander is required.

The Port Orford Cedar is being sanded with a vibrating sander (which shakes the entire house, by the way) and then is finished with an ultra-fine hand-sander. A crew of three worked all day (actually until 7p) and finished about a third of the deck. 

My head is pounding, so you just imagine their aches and pains. I went out three or four times and forced them to wear face-masks... but soon they would be working without protection again. Urgh!


So this is how they left the project over the weekend

So much still to sand

Night and Day

No matter the dilemma - it is Shabbat. The machines fell to rest. The crew fled. Quiet fell upon our home. Delicious foods were prepared. A bottle of wonderful wine was opened. Renewal amidst the disaster... if only for a few short hours.

Heirloom tomato on a bed of greens with crumbled blue cheese and pine nuts

Until my next update, I remain, your quiet correspondent.