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New Carpet

DT is a smart man. He went golfing today. Best to not be around for the installation of the new carpet. But he had nothing to worry about: this is the second time we have used Koeber's for carpeting and I can't tell you enough how pleased we are with their selection and service. If you happen to live in the Portland, Oregon metro area - give them a call if you need new carpet!

Kyle lays down the new carpet pad

The carpet pad is soooooo cushy

Installing the new carpet

There is a seam in this carpet, but it is impossible to find the seam! Yeah!

The old TV cabinet will now serve as a liquor/candle/stuff cabinet -
and the bottom drawer will remain our (very popular with the kiddies) toy box.

Lisa is horrified that her parents have shag carpeting. She calls it the "'70s Room".
DT hates the color. I'm on my own here, people.

Mary: it is all your fault

Furniture is back in place - new low cabinet will some day hold a massive flat-screen television.
New coffee table-thingys have been shipped and should arrive early next week.

If there was a 52" LCD Sony Bravia television on that cabinet,
DT wouldn't even notice the room was beige.

There are no photos or art on the walls yet... next week.
However, the bar is back - notice two icy Americano's ready to sip. It was 92° here today.

Until my next update, from Central Oregon, I remain you beige correspondent.