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Crown Villa RV Resort

Bend, Oregon: We are spending the weekend at Crown Villa RV Resort, on the southeast side of Bend. We have stayed here many times and really enjoy the park - though we are usually at my parent's house during the day/evening and don't make use of many of the amenities here at the RV resort.

And here she is

Typical campsites

Campsites are long and wide, and paved with stone. Each site is full-service, with a garbage can and a lockable storage unit for your bikes or golf clubs. There are so many tall trees, it is usually impossible to find your television/internet satellite, but the park has free high-speed wifi and cable television. We are paying just over $70 per night - absolutely over-the-top... but we chose a "Premier" campsite... and it is 4th of July weekend.

Check-in area

Guest Lounge

Another shot of the guest lounge

Spa - the resort has no swimming pool (Bend is also known as a ski-vacation destination)

Another view of campsites

You know I just have to post at least one flower photo

Until my next update from the 4th of July BBQ, I remain, your camping correspondent.