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New Awnings

Indio, California:  Last year we added a sliding glass door panel to the north (windy) side of our pavilion. This year we added awnings to the two west-side openings. It's always something.

The awnings will add shade to our pavilion, especially since each awning has a drop-down shade at the end. The awnings/shades are on a remote control and are operated separately - so awnings can go in/out and the drop-down shades can go up/down individually (or all at once - it's magic).

It's a wholenuther world. We have shade and we have fresh air flowing throughout our outdoor living space. The awnings come equipped with wind/vibration sensors so they will automatically retract in case of high winds like that could ever happen.

It was a bit of a complicated ordeal since the awnings had to be installed over existing drop-down screen walls, but at the Motorcoach Country Club anything can happen as long the Architectural Committee agrees with your design.

We now have a ton of shade in our pavilion, but how is this going to help in my tomato-growing scenario? (NOTE TO PEOPLE IN COLD TEMPS: I have about 50 blossoms on my three tomato plants.)

The crew took nearly three days to install the awnings and drop-down shades. It was a complicated installation, but in the end we are very happy with our new shady campsite.

We can see out...

No one can see in... and it gives us a more open outdoor living space.

Until my next update, I remain, your shady correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club