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National Martini Day

Don't you just love America? We will devote a day to any delicious food or drink. And while there is a National Carrot Day (February 3rd) and a National Tomato Day (June 1st), most of the food celebrations seems to celebrate more unwholesome choices... like ice cream, pie and booze.

For someone who had never tried gin until she was well into her 40's, I am really taken with the herbaceous elixir. I like my martini simple. Very simple. I use Tanqueray and two vermouth-soaked olives. (I pour out half the brine in the olive jar and replace it with dry vermouth.) That's it.

If you use vodka, please do not call it a martini.

A very nice way to end a very long day of reorganizing, and trying to find the bottom of the stack of paper in my "in basket".

This may be the world's most photographed martini, sorry.

Since we left Los Angeles on Monday, the CBE has learned to climb out of his crib and the kids had to switch-out his crib to a toddler bed (the additional rail purchased at the same time they ordered the crib before Leo was even born!).

Blame the blue balloon. Leo could not stand that his balloon was outside his crib at naptime and actually escaped his crib to retrieve his prize.

So sorry, Lisa and Lenny.

I'm sure you both did this to your parents (and I am sure DT and I did this to our parents)... we just cannot remember.

Life Before Blogs.

DT and I enjoyed a lovely meal this evening. Italian meal in the Oregon countryside.Bresaola over arugula with parmesan and lemon:

And for our main course, vegetarian Risi e Bisi. Perfect.

Tonight I infused the stock with a lot of fresh thyme (because I had a lot of thyme) and garnished the dish with a lot of fresh parsley (because I had a lot of parsley). 

Until my next update, I remain, your shaken, not stirred correspondent.