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Home Again, Again

So strange to just arrive home after seven months away, only to fly away for a long weekend and return home again. Little fairies did not reorganize my office in my absence. So much work here at the homestead... but I am ahead of myself.

We spent the morning with Little Leo and his Mom. (Lenny went to work.) Most everyone was a bit tired after the big shindig last night, but not Baby Leo! He was ready to go go go at 6 o'clock.

Let's all get up and play with toys!

I wish everyone would be this happy in the morning!

When the train opened this morning in Griffith Park, we took Leo for a ride on the tracks. Lisa loves to take him to the train - Leo mellows-out, sucks his thumb and she has fifteen minutes of peace and quiet.

Mellow Fellow on the train

When Lisa dropped us at the airport this afternoon, Leo howled. He did not want us to leave. He cried when I left the car and then seemed to calm a bit... until Grandpa said goodbye as well. Leo realized we were both going away... and the howling commenced. We felt terrible and promised to return soon. What a joy to spend a few days with Our Little Grandson. Blessed.

Our usual commuter flight deposits us at Portland International just at the start of rush hour and we are on the wrong side of downtown traffic. It is a decision to fight through the traffic, or have dinner on the east side of the (Willamette) river.

Tonight we decided to not fight traffic, so had dinner at Pok Pok, a Portland Thai foodie-haven operated by Andy Ricker. Chosen as one of America's Most Important Restaurants of 2013 by Bon Appetit Magazine, Ricker recently opened a branch in New York City and the response has been phenomenal. The Portland food scene is renown!

Pok Pok offers Taiwan Beer on the menu. When we lived in Taipei, Taiwan beer was the ONLY beer (government monopoly) sold on the entire island. In the early 80's I could not drink Taiwan Beer as it contained just enough formaldehyde to give me a wicked hangover-like-feeling even after drinking only one or two beers. I gave it another go tonight and, as I type thees i kant fell enny affeks frum da boose.

Flashback: the logo is different,
but the colors remain the same

We shared Thai Chicken Wings and Thai Tuna Salad for dinner tonight and by the time we left lively Pok Pok, the weeknight Portland traffic nightmare was over and we returned to Taylor Manor to unpack and continue trying to get organized after seven months away.

Until my next update, I remain, your Portland correspondent.