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My Wandering Mind

Tubac, Arizona: Yes, we are still here in Tubac. The weather is too perfect. We like it here. People are friendly and we have a magnificent view of the Santa Rita Mountains from our front window.

Santa Rita Mountains - east of Tubac, Arizona

I saw Border Patrol jeeps on my run this morning. Twice. Both officers waved and smiled. Guess I didn't look like a potential illegal alien. This could have been due to the fact I was running south. Point is - and listen up potential illegal aliens - if you want to sneak into the USA, just get yourself in some sort of decent shape where you can run 20 miles a day, then buy a NIKE running outfit and shoes, then point yourself north. Accessorize with white earbuds (the Border Patrol will never know they aren't attached to an iPod) and a water bottle. Bingo!*

I must have looked like dog-doo on my jog today because a bicyclist stopped to ask if I needed water. This was after I had only covered one mile! He scared the hell out of me too. Wondered if I had a cell phone? Did I know there were drug-runners out here? Jeez, when he stopped me, we were 50 feet from Highway 19, and under a vast variety of border patrol cameras, blimps and hovering helicopters.

Sign at the Border Control inspection station near our campsite

I have no idea why the bicyclist was so paranoid. Just to be safe, I am not going to run in the desert tomorrow. I will golf in the desert instead.

The mind does strange things in the desert. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it is the relentless sun? Maybe it's all the margaritas? Hmmm, didn't Jimmy write a song about this when he was down Mexico way once...

Listen to Jimmy Buffett sing If I Could Just Get It On Paper
Safe - hosted by The RV Goddess

Back to reality... we again headed out mid-afternoon in search of food and a great margarita. Lunch + Dinner in one meal.

Today we found a very nice (and very pretty) margarita at Elvira's in Tubac. Elvira's is fairly up-scale for this area. The restaurant is so pretty (and a bit dark... romantic?) and the menu offers not-the-run-o-the-mill Mexican fare.

Because we rarely see this dish and because I am rather fond of this dish, we ordered Taquitos de Papas - potato tacos. Elvira's serves a good version. The potatoes are just a bit mashed, mixed with cheese and served with a savory/spicy sauce and dry white Mexican cheese. Very nice.

DT ordered Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas. They were delicious. The green chile sauce was saturated in cilantro. Perfect. No leftovers here.

Elvira's offers several mole (pronounced moh-lay) dishes, and this is also something we don't see everyday, so of course I ordered a chicken mole. Really very delicious and I was most pleased. Even the rice was lovely. We were very happy with the food at Elvira's... though the service seriously was bad. I am willing to forgive the front help, because the help in the kitchen made me fall in love with Elvira's.

Tubac, Arizona

Then we had a little stroll around pretty Tubac and headed back to the RV for...

... Happy Hour. Yep - our campground hosted a margarita party tonight.

I could not believe how many people came out of their RV's for a free margarita! (No photo of the RV resort margarita... I did not partake.) It was fun meeting our fellow campers. There are four Country Coaches here and one of the campers was having trouble with their radiant tile floor heaters. We gave them the phone number of our favorite tech. If you can believe it, Brian helped them in three minutes. Their floor heaters are again working and their 40+ year marriage is safe.

After Happy Hour, we rushed back to our RV to watch The 104th Millrose Games on television. I am happy to report ex-Duck Ashton Eaton won the 3-event multi-event (a super-miniature decathlon) - his first-ever event as a professional athlete. The decathletes ran the 60m hurdles, the high jump and the shot put. Always a great track meet.

Until my next update, I remain, your wandering correspondent.

*Sneaking into the United States is not endorsed by the website. It is illegal. JUST DON'T DO IT.

RV Park: De Anza RV Resort - pull-through and back-in full service gravel sites. Cable, free wifi, bath house, laundry, indoor salt water pool, hot tub, community room, TV room, gated security. Lots of fun here. We paid $40.