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My lowest round of golf

Death Valley National Park, California:  When I took the daily Camping Journal orders to the teeny Death Valley Post Office, the Post Mistress, Jackie, finally asked me what I was shipping with her each morning! Imagine her surprise when she learned I operate my business from a motorhome complete with internet, a postage meter and a label printer. Jackie is very friendly and seems to know most of her customers by name. It takes a very hale individual to live in Death Valley year round. The sun really shines here. Today our solar panel on the roof of the bus was giving us a world-record amount of power:

Epic! Usually we only get about 12 amps.

Our second chore of the day was to move campsites. When I booked our reservations several weeks ago, Furnace Creek Campground was so full we were unable to reserve a site for the entire four nights... so today we moved to a campsite a few feet away. Whatever. It gave us a chance to empty our holding tanks and fill-up with fresh water again on the way. We even found a coyote on his way to the recycling center.

Sorry... this photo was taken through the driver side of the Honda... by the passenger. Notice the Magna Peregrinus in the background. This campground coyote is scroungy compared to the healthy, fluffy coyote we saw yesterday at Salt Creek.

Then we went golfing - on a golf course that guarantees your "lowest round" because the Furnace Creek Golf Course is the lowest (in elevation) golf course in the world! Isn't that just a hoot?

"214' Below sea level
The Lowest Golf Course on Earth"

The 19th hole... a bit more casual than our home club

Another coyote on the course! We played with Terry (in white) and Gary

Maybe why there are so many coyotes on the golf course? Many bunnies too.

The course is lined with Tamarisk trees

DT tees off on 16

A beautiful sunset at Furnace Creek

Tonight I am preparing Greek Pasta... the same thing I cook every time we camp at Furnace Creek Campground. Along with a Greek Salad - it is a perfect ending to another great visit to Death Valley National Park.

PS: my lowest round was not technically my lowest round. I shot 123. Terrible. DT reminded me it was the first time I have played all year. He is the best caddy a girl could ever have.

Until my next update, I remain, your tired correspondent.

RV Park: 
 Furnace Creek Campground. Large back-in site. No hook-ups. Fresh water and a dump station available. Flush toilets and hot showers. Store, visitor center and restaurants within walking distance. Golf course. $18 per night, plus reservation fee and park entrance fee.