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Good Bye, Death Valley*

Las Vegas, Nevada:  I must make a comment about what happened this afternoon in Eugene, Oregon regarding a few football players in trouble with the law. Several readers have emailed or commented, and I want you all to know I am a huge Duck fan, but in no way give these hooligans and criminals any slack. It is terrible that these students have turned to the darker side of life when they literally had the world by a string. Let us also remember there are 60 other players on the Duck football team who are upstanding citizens. And then, we can talk about the Duck track & field team who are doing so well at the NCAA Indoor Championships in Arkansas.

Okay. I am now off my soap box.

Site #7 at Furnace Creek Campground in Death Valley National Park

We woke to an absolutely glorious morning in the desert! Not a cloud in the sky. No wind. Better go for a jog! After we ran and shipped orders, we quickly put our things away and prepared to hit the highway to Las Vegas. And by Las Vegas, I mean 50 amp power and cell service!


On our way out of the national park, we made a quick stop to Zabriskie Point - a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view into Death Valley over the colorful mountains.

The Happy Couple at Zabriskie Point today - thanks to a kind Italian tourist.

And just for fun... the Happy Couple at the same place in 2004. (That hat is with me on this trip!)

The Badlands at Zabriskie Point

See our little RV on the right side of the Zabriskie Point parking area?

We didn't stop again until we reached our destination. We drove through Pahrump, Nevada and then climbed over a snowy 5000 foot pass into Las Vegas.

Our campsite in Las Vegas

We had reservations at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, but our bus would not fit in the site they had chosen for us. Let me make the situation clear - our bus did physically fiton the site, but we could not open our slide rooms due to a large pine tree on one side and the power box on the other side. Eeeks. Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort agreed to move us to another site and this time we only had to maneuver around a strangely-placed fire hydrant and are happily parked next to another Country Coach with friendly owners.

Laundry was started. The dishwasher was started. DT (BEST HUSBAND EVER) ran out and brought back four chicken tacos from Roberto's Tacos for our lunch. I actually had a dream/fantasy last night about a crispy-chewy chicken taco from Roberto's (many, many locations in Las Vegas). Roberto's tacos are still delicious and they are still $2.05!

Tonight we remain in, celebrating Shabbat and watching the Duck track team (on the internet) from Arkansas. I stuffed a beautiful organic squash from Gina & Steve's garden with Medeterrian Lamb Loaf (a gourmet meatloaf mixture made with lamb, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, onion, garlic cloves and feta cheese) for a delicious (and easy) dinner.

I brought the lamb loaf from New Seasons Market - vacuum-sealed and stored in our freezer

REPEAT: another Greek Salad

Shabbat Shalom

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm on the fourth load of laundry" correspondent.

RV Park:  Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. 30/50-amp, full hook-up paved pull-through. Cable. Wifi is $5.95 for 24-hours - ouch. Great location and full-service resort with pool, hot tub, nice bath and laundry facilities, mini golf and bocce ball. Shuttle service to the strip. Close to restaurants and shopping. Also next to I-15 and under the flight path of the Las Vegas airport. We are paying a ridiculous $50 for our "premium" site.

Why is it called Death Valley?