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Indio, California: Amongst all the assorted festivities over the past weekend, there was a wedding ceremony! Lisa and Lenny chose a very simple traditional Jewish marriage ceremony. It was held on a shady (it was 90+ degrees) lawn. Lisa asked Angela and Lenny's sister to be her attendants; Lenny chose his brother and Leo.

When this photo of Leo coming down the aisle (Lenny's sister pulled him) was snapped, Dave and I were with Lisa, around the corner, still hidden from family and friends... so could not witness Leo's happy clapping. All we heard was everyone suddenly clapping and shouting!

Of course, The Bride designed her wedding gown!

We walked our beautiful daughter down the aisle. I was crying like a baby. Lisa was trying not to cry. DT was trying to keep us from crying. Didn't work. The handsome man (next to me, right) worked with Dave in The Philippines, so has known Lisa since the day she was born. We were honored he was able to attend her wedding.

The kids were married under the Chuppah. Lisa and Lenny circled each other three times, the seven blessings were read, wine was blessed, Lenny stepped on the glass... very traditional with personal touches and carefully selected music.

I love this photo. Lenny is so happy. Leo is awed by everyone clapping. Lisa is practically bursting with joy.

Until my next update, I remain, your tired-but-happy correspondent.

NOTE: All photos on this page were taken by our niece, Carla, using my camera.

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