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Monday With Leo

Los Angeles, California:  We truly should have flown back to Portland today. I am still dragging from my bug and coughing SO MUCH, but we had reserved our flights weeks ago and stuck with our plans. By remaining Monday, we were able to spend the entire day with Leo and Lisa, yet have dinner with the entire family.

We had a late morning brunch with Lisa and Leo at Go Get Em Tiger, (Lenny at work; Lucy at camp) then headed out to the LA Discovery Cube (a science museum) so Leo could get his science on. We were here nearly exactly a year ago with both kids, just after Dave and I had returned to the states after a month away for the 2017 Track & Field Championships in London. The change in Leo and his ability to grasp/do things at the science museum was very dramatic. Kids change so quickly!

One of Leo's favorite activity at the science museum is the shopping area. "Shoppers" compete in several games (best prices, most ecological, most healthy, etc.) while completing their given shopping lists by scanning grocery items with a hand-held scanner-gun-thingy. 

You can also sort garbage and recycling, figure-out how to save water and energy in your home, and so many other very-SoCal lifestyle-important topics to explore.

Leo, playing hockey with the LA Kings

DT, posing with his jersey (see this same dang photo from last year)

Leo, pulling himself up via pulleys. There are three pulleys - and the ratio gets more difficult with each chair. Leo had no problem. Of course.

Leo, completing the home energy-saving challenge,
and easily scaling the climbing wall.

Next we visited the animated dinosaurs - a traveling exhibit that was some-how traveling during our visit last year. This exhibit does not travel often? No matter. The dinos are very cool. Not realistic in any way, but still fun.

The Iguanodon was common in what is now Europe 125 million years ago. They were ten-foot-tall herbivores, traveling in large herds. They could move on all fours, and stand on their hind legs to reach higher plants. They had an opposable digit! Also, their teeth came together to allow for effective chewing - something rare in reptiles today.

This evening we all went to an Italian restaurant for our farewell dinner. Is there no plastic straw ban in Los Angeles? What?

Obviously no ice cream ban either (or arm-coloring?).

Until my next update, I remain, your "we really need to go home tomorrow" correspondent.