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Missouri State

Track Town USA:  DT and I arrived at Autzen Stadium at 9 o'clock this morning. Way too early for this girl, but our group needs four hours prior to kick-off to get their tailgate on.

DT and I were providing the food for this game, and I must admit, all my planning and prepping paid off. Everything was ready for Woody to quickly heat-up on his high-flame outdoor kitchen. Woody sauteed onions, peppers and jalapenos and then tossed this mixture with all-ready-cooked Yukon potatoes and turkey-sage sausage. Diners could top their breakfast hash with shredded cheddar, scrambled eggs and spicy salsa. It was a great breakfast!

We had many visitors, including 9-month-old Haley. Do you remember Haley? Haley is Captain Jim & Mary's granddaughter.

Dan, Haley & Melissa - with Grandma Mary - pose with the Magna Pergrinus

Our tailgate was well-attended and we fed many people - including DT's college roommate and his wife. Our extra-special guest was Steve's mom who flew in from Ohio to attend a Duck home game. Fun times!

Did I ever mention we have really good seats at Autzen Stadium? The Missouri State Bears came right out and scored on their first drive. Unfortunately for the Bears, this was the only time they were able to score all afternoon.

The fighting Ducks made the Bears want to go back into hibernation.

The final score was Oregon 56, Missouri State 7.

After the game, we feed our gang Shredded Buffalo Chicken sandwiches. Easy and delicious.

Then I took a nap.

Someone in Los Angeles was also watching the game - look at our adorable little grandson, all ducked-up in his little onsie! (Okay, maybe his Bubbe sent him this outfit.)

Until my next update, I remain, your Go Ducks correspondent.