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Before I write about all the decisions I made today, I must first post this photo:

Of course, it was pouring rain...

When we took the Magna Peregrinus to her storage garage yesterday, we found another Duck Bus backing-in. These people put us to shame! It's like we are not even Duck fans compared to their paint job! And, dang, if they weren't the nicest couple.

Now, on to today...

There has been a lot going on around here. Not only have we spent more time in Los Angeles than Portland, we have been busy with two tailgates, work and in my spare time... since we are going to be in Oregon through the football season... we I have decided to remodel Lisa's bathroom.

And by "Lisa's bathroom", I mean the bathroom in Lisa's room at our house. Her ensuite bath has not been touched since we built this house in 1994. Not to mention, she moved away to college in 1999 (and has only returned for random visits since) and the room has been basically unused/unattended. It is the home of spiders.

It has blue vinyl flooring and blue laminate counter tops. Time for an update.

Though we have no plans to sell our house, we would definitely have to update Lisa's bath (and the Master bath) before we could put our house on the market. May as well do it now, when we are at-home, prices are good and there are a lot of craftspeople willing to work.

Decision time.

On recommendation from my Brother Rick (who is a contractor), I hired Rio Renovations to facilitate our project. Everything must go - the cabinets, the fiberglass shower stall, the toilet, the tub, the mirror, the lights. It is all going to Habitat for Humanity! Even the faucets! Yeah!

Too many decisions?

I met our contractor, John, at Oregon Tile & Marble this morning (DT is staying out of this project). I already knew that I wanted Carrera marble for the floor and shower, so it was a simple viewing at this appointment. I loved the honed marble choices and know marble will last for ever and ever and is classic enough to (hopefully) never be replaced.

Not only will the floor and shower be marble, but there will be a marble wainscoting wall surrounding the tub alcove - topped off with a little fancy molding edge and a pretty black accent piece. The shower stall will also have a line of the black porcelain tile running through the top border. Simple. Elegant. Hopefully timeless.

The double-sink vanity is coming from Pottery Barn.... and I promise to never put this much crap on the vanity. Ever.

The appointment at Oregon Tile & Marble went smoothly and next we headed to NW Portland to Ferguson to select a new tub, toilet and faucets. Again, I had already done my homework and knew pretty-much what I wanted to complete the remodel.

Okay, you will just have to ignore the fireplace, hardwood floor, candelabra and silk draperies. None of these things will be in Lisa's bathroom. But this adorable bathtub will be. This is is two-butt tub - the drain is in the middle and it seats two.

However, I am thinking this tub will mostly bathe Leo.

Speaking of the little chunk our Grandson... isn't he just adorable in his little dinosaur jammies?

So this is what is going on around here. Soon to be lots of noise and dust in our house. Best thing about a remodel? We are going to have a dumpster in our driveway and I can put anything in there I want.

I know you have dumpster envy.

Until my next update, I remain, your decisive correspondent.