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Catching up

DT and I just returned from a whirl-wind round trip to Bend, Oregon to visit with my family. It was an adventure in driving - snowy roads over the Santiam Pass, icy patches, and 20 mile per hour traffic over gravel-sprayed roads. I think we have two new chips in the windscreen. Rat farts.

We did enjoy two days hanging with the 'rents and my brother, eating latkes, so it was worth every mile.

After arriving home, we attended a Rose Bowl Planning Session. No - this meeting had nothing to do with the University. This event was completely unsanctioned by any official organization. Pizza was involved. This meeting was to just plan the distribution of our 44 Rose Bowl Tickets. Every seat has been spoken for (Kara grabbed the last one!). That part was easy.

The important discussion was about which cocktail would be featured at our tailgate party and how to organize food and drink for 44 (plus plus) people. We will not have our motorhome at the stadium - tragedy - but will actually be "tailgating" from the back of our cars and rental vans. Some of us are driving from Palm Springs day-of-game. Some will arrive a few days before via planes, trains and automobiles. No matter how we transport ourselves, all 44 of us will converge in The Rose Bowl stadium parking lot at 10 o'clock in the morning.

We need tables. We need chairs. We need ice. Cups. A cooler. Food. Booze. Etc. Luckily, the Lovely Lisa lives not too far from The Rose Bowl and has volunteered to gather the needed accoutrements for a "Party in the Parking Lot". What a sweet girl. It is going to be a great game.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.