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Lunch in Italy

Las Vegas, Nevada: It is nearly exactly one-mile around the perimeter of the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, so I guess that will make counting the miles mile easier. There are so many runners here! Nice to see us old folks out there moving around. No wind, warm sun, chirping birds - a lovely morning. We ran. We worked. We I shipped orders.

Then we went to lunch. Disguised as purse shopping. DT likes the little Italian place in the Forum Shops attached to Caesar's Palace. Since we are still observing Passover, a Caprese Salad fit the requirement well. Plus, how often do you get to dine next to the Trevi Fountain in Rome?

Las Vegas is so evil. This restaurant isn't even outside! The clouds are painted on the ceiling. DT was drinking Italian wine.

Rome, 2006

Plus, we've been to the Trevi Fountain (the real one in Rome, Italy) and there are no dining tables around the edge.

Only tourists.

I purchased another black Coach bag little handbag, because a girl just can't have too many black Coach bags handbags.

Carriage return; new paragraph.

Do you remember Cory? Here she is with us at the BCS game in January:

Cory is the youngest daughter of our great friends, Steve & Mary. Cory is a student at UNLV, and we always spend time with her (between her class/work schedule) when we are in Las Vegas.

Cory bought a little townhouse! It is just adorable - 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, in a gated neighborhood. But the house was a bank repo and, let's just say, it needed a little cosmetic surgery. Mary has flown down from Portland a couple of times to help Cory with remodeling projects, and last week orchestrated new tile in the kitchen, refinished the kitchen and bath cabinets, and completed a - HGTV-worthy - make-over of the garden/patio area.

Cory's patio Before Mamma.

Cory's patio After Mamma.

I think Mary should get her own show on HGTV. Super Mamma Does Good.

We took Cory to dinner at the Silverado Steakhouse at the South Point Casino. The South Point is several miles off the strip, and serves more locals than tourists. Our steaks were most excellent and we had a great time with Cory.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV Park:  Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort - 400 full-service paved sites. Class-A motorcoaches only. Five pools/spas. Four laundry rooms, free wifi, cable, cafe, fitness center. We are paying $72 per night with our FMCA/Good Sam discount.