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Lucy is 3

Los Angeles, California:  Dave and I took a taxi to Charles de Gaulle International Friday morning, boarded an Air France (Boeing 777) flight to Los Angeles and arrived 11 hours later (or 4p the same day, LA time). It was an uneventful flight - we had "pods" that transformed into full beds, complete with fluffy duvets. The flight was completely full and since we left Paris at 1p, it was daylight the entire flight.

Leaving France (left photo), crossing the English Channel and
(right) a few minutes we were flying over England.

Our flight took us from Paris, over England, over Iceland, and onto Canada, where we then flew across the US on a diagonal path to Los Angeles. Lisa and Leo fetched us and we drove directly to a restaurant to meet Lenny, Lucy and Lenny's parents for a pre-birthday dinner. Everyone was in town to celebrate Lucy's 3rd birthday.

Leo, happy with his little souvenir of Paris

Lenny and Lisa had hired-out the dance studio where Lucy takes her ballet class for the party. Lucy's friends brought their ballet slippers and Lucy's teacher led the children through dance lessons, gymnastic routines and other fun dancing games while the parents sipped rose and nibbled on cheese and fruit on a patio outside.

Parental Portion

Kid's table

Cupcakes for the kids and a "smash cake" which Lucy took home

Girls (and a few boys) Just Want to Have Fun

Officer Leo (with one of his best friends, Rina) decided he would be in charge of security. He made rules for the party, including no cigarettes allowed. We are not sure where he thought-up this rule as no one he knows smokes, but... it worked - the party was smoke-free.

Photos from Lucy's ballerina birthday:

Oh My Goodness, if this wasn't another fabulous fun family birthday party. Lisa went to a quite a bit of work to decorate the table and create pretty cheese plates for the adults, but it was Lucy's ballet teacher who made the event run efficiently, so everyone had fun and was kept busy. She would work with the kids, then they would take a break for lunch... then back for some gymnastics... then a break for cake... then a fun dance jam session... then Lucy handed-out the gift bags and everyone went home.

Lucy seems to grow prettier, stronger and more confident every day. She is a very sweet girl and smart as a whistle. Nothing gets past Lucy. She is also developing a very funny sense of humor. Lucy is still very small - 25 pounds. I bought her size 2 clothing in Paris and the items fit.

Happy Birthday to our Little Ballerina!

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.