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Loose Ends

Wilsonville, Oregon:  Now that our must-haves have been sent off to the storage facility at the moving company, Dave and I now have to deal with having the remaining furniture sold (consignment) and having a few rooms painted or touched-up. One window and one skylight are being replaced. Our field will be mowed, and our realtor will have a drone film a fly-over of our 3.22 acre plot-o-forest.

Today we went to pick-up my new prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses from our optometrist, then went to UPS to ship our huge All-Clad stockpot to Lisa. Then, we went to Lisa’s (elementary/middle/high) school to return a few seriously-overdue library books we found in her childhood room. I told the librarian: if there are any late fees from these 20-years-past-due books, please send the bill to Lisa. Not me.

Honestly, Dave and I could hardly recognize the OES campus. So much change since Lisa graduated in 1999. New fabulous buildings. Oregon Episcopal School has always been one of the (if the not the) best private prep schools on the west coast, but now – wow – we were blown-away. OES prepared our girl for college, and life beyond. The poor librarian just stared at me when I explained my arm-load. She didn’t know what to say. Finally, she just laughed and accepted the books.

Next, we dropped-off a bunch of Jack Daniels (of the booze variety) to Lisa’s godmother. Can’t pack it. Can’t drink it all in the next week (hic). Godmother loves it. Then lunch at Cafe Yumm!, dropped-off our old sneakers to the NIKE re-grind place (NIKE grinds up old sneakers and turns them into new tracks for schools around America), and finally a stop to get a new duvet for the RV bed.

Hot-N-Jazzy with tofu from Cafe Yumm!

Basically we did nothing, but we are exhausted from all these do-nothing errands… and everything we have been doing over the past several days.

After arriving back to the RV park, I organized a box of clothes I am selling on ThredUp, and switched-out the new duvet.

Our RV received a new printer today as well. We were so very tired of fighting with the P.O.S. Canon and decided to upgrade to the HP Officejet 250. It is very small (like a long shoe box), but can scan, copy and print (from our laptops, phone, iPad). Though I swore-off everything HP years ago, I was convinced the 250 was the printer for us. No kidding, I plugged it in, and within two minutes was printing the New York Times puzzle for My Driver. (#1 print job in this RV.) (I can complete the puzzle on my ipad, phone, or laptop; DT wants to do the puzzle old-school. In ink.)

(I still love him.)

Then, it was suddenly 5:15p and Monday Night Football featuring Lenny’s DC team v Chicago. Washington lost 31-15. Dang. But we had good snacks, served beautifully in the little platter Lucy painted for me.

We are winding-down. Painters are next, followed by stagers, followed by us pointing this motorcoach south… to Eugene, for the annual lube/oil/filter at Cummins.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

RV PARK: Pheasant Ridge RV Park – I-5/Exit 286 in Oregon. Full service sites. Back-in and pull-throughs. Pool, spa, laundry, bath house, cable. Everything, but lots of trees, so satellite connection not guaranteed (we lucked out). We are paying $366 per week for a premium site.


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  1. I’m curious where the drop off site is for the Nike regrind. I’m in Portland and have never heard of this and would love to put all my old running shoes to good use. I googled it but, didn’t have any luck finding any information regarding drop-off. Thanks so much!

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