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Living Large

I find it strange being home. Our house, that I designed and had built twenty years ago, was perfect for a busy family. Now the house is watched-over by a caretaker and dusted regularly... like a rarely-visited museum.

So. Much. Space. 

Most of our winter-away belongings have been carried from the motorhome to the house. Leo has facetimed with us several times and is getting used to seeing us again in these surroundings. Leo asked to see the toys in the toy box. How can Leo even remember our toy box? Incredible, the mind of a toddler. The toy box (a drawer in a cabinet) is small, but filled with toys from Lisa's childhood - and even a few of my (1950's) toys. Probably could make a mint by selling the relics on eBay?

We have been dining well, because we have been dining at home. Too many restaurant meals on the road home and too much bison, elk and (delicious) antelope. I have been cooking meatless meals.

Camper Cornbread - another RV-easy recipe I am working on - topped with sliced pickled jalapeno peppers.

DT is already swept-up in board meetings, which is probably a good thing, as he is Chairman of the Board.

I had a much-needed mani-pedi and a much-needed lunch with My Sister at Cafe Yumm!. I miss Cafe Yumm! when we are Indio, as I miss Tacos Gonzalez when we are home.

Tonight I prepared an asparagus risotto. No recipe, just winged-it... and it was not vegetarian because I used organic chicken stock. Not only did I use chicken stock, I simmered the stock with a few parmesan rinds to create a super-savory broth. I started the dish by caramelizing shallots for about 30 minutes, then added garlic before continuing with the Arborio rice and asparagus. Dang, if this wasn't just the thing we needed on a rainy Oregon spring day.

Oh, wait, it is always raining in Spring in Oregon. At one point this afternoon, the sun was shining with a brilliant light and it was pouring buckets like a tropical rain storm.


The risotto was accompanied with a Caprese Salad made with Oregon Rogue Creamery's Buffalo "Rougella" Mozzarella - a new product from one of our favorite Oregon companies. We can get this cheese (in Portland) the day after it is made in southern Oregon.

Do I even have to mention this cheese is absolutely delicious? Like eating buttah.

We may be home today, but we are heading out again for the greatest professional track meet in the United States, the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. Stay tuned for that... and don't forget to watch LIVE on Saturday (May 31) on either NBC Sports Network or NBC - check your local listings. Matthew Centrowitz is running the Bowerman Mile, The World's Greatest Athlete is jumping over hurdles, Galen Rupp is running around the track 25 times, Zoe Buckman is in the 1500m, English Gardner races the 200m, Jordan Hasay is entered in the women's 2 mile, and apparently a bunch of other famous athletes from all around the world who did not attend the University of Oregon are also competing.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.