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Home Again

After phoning several RV parks between Pendleton and Portland, Oregon and getting turned-down (poor planning on our part due to the holiday weekend), our best option was to just go home.

So we did. We arrived home Sunday afternoon and DT immediately began unpacking/unloading and organizing the RV and I immediately began getting the house/kitchen organized.

We were greeted with pretty flowers from our house sitter, Brandon, and a new lower deck! Twenty years of Oregon rain and the dang thing was just getting a bit soggy in a few spots, so our contractor replaced the boards and stained the wood to match the upper deck (upper deck was replaced several years ago).

And our rhoddies are blooming!


We were away 215 nights - most of that time spent in Indio and Los Angeles - with a few side trips to Las Vegas, Yuma and Borrego Springs. We took about a month to get to Indio and about a month to get back to Oregon, covering about 4000 miles in all. (Dave flew home a few times for board meetings.)

We sent a lot of postcards!

I updated this blog 136 times on the trip and posted 5,329 photos of tacos... or something close to that... or it must have seemed that many to My Readers?

Dave and I miss Tacos Gonzales very much. Very. Much. (But not as much as we miss Lenny, Lisa & Leo.)

We will take several days to get organized and then we are heading out AGAIN in the motorhome! Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your jumbled correspondent.