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Living La Vida Loca

Indio, California: We are living in the fast lane. Testing boundaries. Taking risks. Living La Vida Loca. Not only is there a risk of driving a day or two without registration tags on my Honda, it now looks as if the purchase of our RV lot may not close tomorrow - which means our March rent is up at noon tomorrow and we may camp a few hours on our mid-purchase lot without paying rent. I know. I know. Can you believe our crazy edgy existence? Breaking all the rules! Everything has happened so fast - our offer was accepted only six days ago!

we cannot remember the date we were married? DT put a bunch of papers in front of me to sign, date, or initial... and we are (nearly) the owners of lot #322... or maybe DT pulled one over on me and we are now divorced... We had big plans for our evening - between paper signing and document scanning - Captain Jim & Mary were taking us on a cocktail cruise on their electric boat and then they were docking here for dinner.

I also had big plans for a long run this morning, so woke early. Then I decided to make a Banana Cream Pie for Captain Jim - his favorite pie. Since I have never in my life made a banana cream pie and didn't have a recipe, it took a little research and recipe creation. Then I put dinner in the crockpot. Then DT had me scanning and emailing documents. Then I had to phone the power company to have the electricity at #322 switched-over to our name. Then I shipped Camping Journal orders.

Then it was somehow ten o'clock and 90 degrees. I decided I needed (what athletes call) a Rest Day. My friend, Lauren Fleshman, is a professional runner. Lauren told me a rest day is just as important as a work-out day. (I may take Lauren's advice to the extreme and believe 3 2 rest days a week are sometimes necessary in my strict training regime.)

Lauren probably would never eat a Reuben sandwich for lunch.

Chicken Chile Verde... plus, a small pitcher of Real Margaritas. (Margaritas are cholesterol free!) The temperature rose all the way to 97 degrees today, but our cocktail cruise was still on!First Mate Mary holds the boat at our dock while we load appetizers & cocktailspassengers.

Captain Jim poses in his new "Happy Hour" tee shirt.

This is the dock behind the Club House/restaurant facility. If the battery in your golf cart is dead, you can sail your boat to the Club House restaurant and tie-up at the dock! It's all about options!

The boat names at the Motorcoach Country Club crack me up. I especially enjoy this "Christmas" themed boat. (Click here to see a plat map of of the Motorcoach Country Club in Indio. Our lot is way up in the top left corner, #322.)

After our cocktail cruise around the entire resort, Captain Jim returned his ship to our dock.

Dinner was ready (via Chicken Chile Verde in the crockpot and the rice in the rice cooker). I'm sorry to say the Banana Cream Pie never did set-up. The center was a bit runny. I served it anyway and vow to try again... or see if it has finished setting-up overnight and know it is day-ahead dessert. The flavor was quite good, so maybe... we will see. Captain Jim and Mary were too polite and claim they enjoyed their runny pie.

Another day in RV paradise. Until my next update, I remain, your crazy correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, 2 laundries, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi.