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April Fool

Indio, California: Not a lot of excitement around the old campsite today. Our rent was up at noon. We were hoping to close on our real estate deal so we would not be squatters on our own land.


It was too hot - 97° - to run outside, so we both went to the air conditioned fitness center and walked back to our motorhome across the pretty golf course.

More waiting.

I ran out to ship orders and stopped at the grocer to pick up some beer. I left the supermarket, $100 later, and forgot to buy beer.

Finally, at four o'clock, I phoned the title company and was informed our purchase had closed. Thanks for informing us. Apparently we were only squatters for a few hours.

Another trip to the market for beer... and then we were outdoors watching the news before the Ducks v Creighton in the final game of the CBI Tournament.

Lenny texts me: Are you watching the news?
Lenny: Are you watching about the Duck football program?
Lenny: They're in trouble. Looks like they're going to come down on them like they did with USC.
Me: (unprintable comment due to this being a family website)
Me: Which station???
Lenny: ESPN. On right now.
Lenny: So many bribes - oh oh
Me: (unprintable comment due to this being a family website)
Lenny: April Fool
Me: (unprintable comment due to this being a family website)


After my heart rate returned to normal, we enjoyed a lovely evening. The Ducks are the CBI Champions!

And this gorgeous view is our gorgeous view!

After the game, we went on a late-night boat cruise around the resort. Captain Jim & Mary said the view from the water after dark is so pretty - with tiki torches ablaze. They were right. It was like being in Disneyland... especially with Jim occasionally humming It's a Small World After All...

Until my next update, I remain, your California correspondent.

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