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Living Desert Zoo

Indio, California: After our usual morning routine (coffee, emails, ship orders, exercise, shower, eat) we headed out to the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert. Though we have visited the zoo many times, we always enjoy a stroll through the huge grounds and gorgeous desert gardens.

We could have taken a ride on the new colorful carousel:

But we could not take a ride on a camel:

They were on a break:

Apparently the International Camel Union is very strong in the Coachella Valley.

Here are five photos of the same giraffe: 

More images from our photo safari at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert:


African Ocotillo


Desert Big Horn Sheep (female)

Desert Big Horn Sheep (male)

Desert Yellow Bells

Mexican Wolf

Purple Prickly Pear bloom

Desert Tortoise

Prickly Pear in bloom

Great Horned Owl - with a mouse in her mouth

That reminds me - time to go cook dinner for DT.

Until my next update, I remain, your zoological correspondent.

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