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Living Desert Museum

Indio, California:  Another holiday miracle - Reese slept until 7 o'clock this morning! It was full-on daylight. I love that dog. The only problem with walking the dog after daylight is that other people are outside walking their dogs, and they can see me... in my sweats, hair sticking out everywhere and possibly not wearing the proper supportive undergarments. Expect properties in this corner of the resort offered for sale at cut-rate prices soon.

There was a lot of action in front of our RV this morning. We have been watching a pair of egrets thinking about starting a family. She is playing hard to get and he is often just not that interested. Somehow, I think they will figure it out.

Hey, baby... is tonight the night?

That would be, NO!

Catch me if you can.

Dang. The next boat is dock is already occupied by a heron...
hmmm... wonder what he is doing tonight...

Oh, I do amuse myself.

Debbie and Mark invited us out for a day of fun. We left our little Grand Dawg (after a very long, tiring walk) in the RV and went to lunch in Palm Desert to a restaurant we have never tried before - the Bistro Grill - and had a great table on the patio outside. It was 75° today! We only saw the lunch menu, but it was fantastic. Great salads and sandwiches and all the desserts are made in-house.

Look at this gorgeous chicken Caesar. It was loaded with yummy anchovies! Perfect fuel for our next stop - the Living Desert Museum - otherwise known as the zoo. Debbie & Mark are members and had passes for us to enjoy the zoo at no charge today! The zoo was a zoo today. Due to the school holiday, gorgeous weather and so many vacationers in town, the parking lot was on over-flow. We have visited the zoo many times and never have seen more than 50 cars in the parking lot. There were kids everywhere today, but everyone was in good humor and we really enjoyed the little rug rats today.

Everyone was in a good mood.

We saw a goat chewing on a fence.

We saw a very old limping jaguar. Gorgeous.

We saw a lizard checking-out his Christmas present.

I saw a cougar and a cougar saw me.

We saw a roaring lion.

And a flying warthog.

Then we walked through this rustic door and went home. Thank you, Debbie and Mark, for another fabulous day in the desert.

Until my next update, I remain, your zoological correspondent.

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