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Let’s Move in March

Indio, California: March... and by "march", I mean lace up your sneakers and get out the door! The RVGoddess.com "Let's Move in March" challenge started today. I have pledged a donation to the Oregon Food Bank for every mile I trudge-through in March. Let's all move a little more in March to help develop a habit of regular exercise. We need to remain strong to keep up with our grandchildren.

Okay. That's too ambitious a goal. Ashton Eaton couldn't keep up with Leo. 

Just turn off your computer or television, put down your book and go for a walk. The goal is to walk/jog at least 30 minutes, five or six days per week in March. Easy! If you already exercise regularly, step it up a bit. Swim a few more lengths, go an extra mile on the bike, or take a few more laps on the track.

Enough badgering. Just Do It.

I have no photos to post today. We were busy getting our casita organized and ready for weekend visitors. I baked cookies, so you can correctly guess one of our weekend visitors is a certain little cookie-loving bambino! I just melt when that sweet baby takes a bite of a cookie I baked for him and says, "mmmmm...". Today, I made a half-recipe of My Mom's Snickerdoodles. If she were here, I know she would have baked the same for Baby Leo (wisely still on a no-nuts, no-chocolate, no fun diet).

LET'S MOVE IN MARCH! I have challenged y'all to get out there, lace up your sneakers and walk or jog (or the exercise of your choice) at least 30 minutes - five or six days a week in March. I'm doing this for charity and my prominent backside. How's it going for you? Please comment below. Don't forget - no sign-up is required to leave your thoughts. Just type your name or nickname in the first box and comment as you please.

Today I covered four miles by "running around the block" outside the walls of the Motorcoach Country Club. It is all-or-nothing on this loop. No where to take a short-cut back to the RV. Once I exit the gates, I'm sunk for four miles. It is pathetically sad I have to trick myself into a four miler... but if I run inside the RV resort, it is just too easy to take a short-cut, stop and chat with neighbors or believe three miles is enough. Four miles checks-off my 10,000 steps-a-day goal as well. 

Pedometer: 15,025 steps 
Miles jogged for the day/month: 4/4

Until my next update, I remain, your "fat, not fit" correspondent.

RV PARK:  Motorcoach Country Club - The Crown Jewel of Motorcoach Resorts. 400 sites, three pools, three spas, fitness center, golf, bocce ball, tennis, 2-mile waterway, fine-dining restaurant, bar, security, planned activities, perfectly maintained. Sites for sale or rent.

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