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Leo’s Possible Career Paths

I flew back to Portland this afternoon - after spending the entire morning with Lisa and Leo. We went to breakfast with friends, ran a few errands and then I was able to play with Leo for several hours before going to the airport.

I even remembered to take a few photos of our little grandson. Most are blurry. I only brought my pocket camera on this trip to Los Angeles... and... well... the Little Dude never holds still! Leo is really showing a very comical personality. He really likes to make us laugh and he really loves to laugh. One of his tricks is to cock his head to one side to get your attention - and when you look at him, he busts up laughing. I don't know about you, but the sweetest sound in the world must be a baby laughing.

Leo is just starting to walk. He will only take a few steps at a time, and it seems to me that he doesn't yet realize he is walking. Leo just wants to get from Point A to Point B, and sometimes this involves putting one foot in front of the other without holding on to anything for support.

But mostly, he is a very busy guy, going from one amusement to the next. It's like you can see the wheels turning inside that little head. The way he likes to take things apart and put things together, I wonder if he might be an engineer one day... or...

If it please the court...

Maybe Leo will grow up to be an attorney? Doesn't it look as if he has just made a perfect closing argument?

Or maybe an artist? The pattern on my dress fascinated Leo this morning.

Maybe Leo will be an athlete. He is quick.

Musician? Leo is actually holding a drumstick in his hand, but he was moving too fast for my photographic skills.

This photo shows a fondness for moving furniture. Leo could be a moving man or the friend who always helps you move. (Lisa's barstools are constantly being rearranged by her son.) Possibly Leo will simply be a "mover and shaker".

Dressmaker? Notice the toy-filled drawer behind Leo? All those toys and he just wants to play with a (not very safe) measuring tape.

Leo fascinates me, and though I have seen him every few weeks for the past year, it is still hard for me to wrap my brain around how fast this year has flown by and how quickly he has grown and changed.

Leo - one day old

Until my next update, I remain, your human resources correspondent.