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Labor Day Weekend Sweatshop

Los Angeles, California: I apologize for not updating this website for a few days, but I have been chained to an ironing board for three days in a row. Plus, typing is painful, as I have a pinking shear blister on my right hand. Several, in fact. The worst part? Spending all the day working on wedding crafts gives me little time to cuddle with the Cutest Baby Ever. Lenny has been entertaining Leo - and most of their activities have been away from the house (swimming, play-dates).

Lisa has turned their dining room into a weekend sewing factory, producing all types of (top-secret) wedding decor. Two ironing boards! Her sewing machine goes for hours a day. At one time Saturday, Lisa had several bridesmaids free laborers around the dining table, pinning fabrics. At least this sweatshop has air conditioning and Lenny brings in lunch every day. I collapse into bed at night, exhausted. I even slept through an (3.3) earthquake.

When I did get to see Little Leo, he was - of course - adorable:


In other news, late this afternoon we left the sweatshop and drove to a fancy shopping center in Beverly Hills swimming pools, movie stars for a few wedding errands. The most exciting thing that happened on this outing is I tried Pinkberry for the first time. I wanted their new Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, but that flavor wasn't quite ready. I asked for the "original" and asked if was "vanilla"? My server then asked if this was my first visit to Pinkberry? It seems "original" Pinkberry is just plain sweetened frozen yoghurt... so... I ordered their coconut flavor. The first taste was super tart and I wasn't sure I had made the best selection... but after a few more bites, I found the coconut Pinkberry quite refreshing. I'm still not sure this stuff isn't filled with all sorts of chemical stuff I probably should not consume, but I finally tried Pinkberry. 

Done. And, done.

To thank me for going home tomorrow helping in the sweatshop, the kids took me to Barbrix for dinner. We dined on creamy burrata, fried shishito peppers, pan con tomate (tomato with bread), salmon tartar, roasted cauliflower, pasta ribbons with a lamb ragu and a beef short rib dish served over polenta. Barbrix serves everything in appetizer portions, so it is fun to order many items to share. Leo does well in restaurants. Tonight Leo was quite charming, well-behaved and enjoyed vanilla ice cream. The Little Dude has an impressive appetite for a 19-pounder.

As I write this column tonight, Lisa is only two hours from finishing her wedding sewing projects and I have finished 100% of my ironing duties. Three of my fake gel fingernails have been steamed off completely by the ironing mist, and apparently my workers comp claims will not be honored from this shady sweatshop establishment.

Rat farts.

Until my next update, I remain, your sweaty correspondent.