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Leo’s New Playroom

Los Angeles, California: This morning, while his parents slept-in, Leo helped Grandpa assemble a wooden toy bin from IKEA.

Amazingly, Leo actually seemed to understand the concept of turning the screws. He wasn't too much help though, and was more interested in climbing in the cubbies and generally getting in Grandpa's way. I distracted Leo by taking him out to the dining room to chase him around the dining table.

While there, I snapped a photo of the pretty flowers Martha Lisa had arranged and as quick as I could push the shutter, Leo had climbed up on the dining table.

And, oh yeah... he stood up. On the table. He was so dang proud of himself standing on the dining table. Danger Baby.

There is a small room just off the den in Lisa & Lenny's house in Los Angeles. They are fairly sure it was once a screen porch - but the house is nearly 90 years old and has been completely remodeled twice, so no one really knows. It was designated as Lenny's office when they moved in, but Lenny prefers to work in a quieter room on the second floor. Lisa & Lenny decided to repurpose the unused room as a playroom for Leo. It is close to the kitchen, so Lisa can keep an eye on him while cooking dinner, and now that Leo is nearly two, he can play for up to 15 seconds unsupervised.

Dave and Leo did a great job assembling the wooden rack that holds bins for toys. Clever Lisa is going to glue a photograph of the toy that belongs in each bin on the front, so Little Leo can help with clean-up. (Leo can't read!)

Built-in's on either side of a door hold Leo's books and art supplies.

The little room is really coming together. What a lucky little boy.

Betcha Leo climbs up on that little green table by tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your safety-first correspondent.