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Last Day in Indio

Indio, California: We returned to Indio from Los Angeles, only to close-up our campsite for the season. Tomorrow we hit the road for a three week (vacation!) trip back to Oregon.

This morning, a representative of Advantage Golf Cars came by to pick-up our pretty little golf cart. They will keep her, feed/water and take her for walks until we return to the desert and ask that she be returned to us. We are basically "kenneling" our golf cart.

I nearly cried. Goodbye, Sweet Ride.

Wasn't it just a few days ago, Leo was driving this golf cart?

We tidied our motorhome and stowed our belonging for travel. Late this morning, Dynamic Interiors steam cleaned our tile, carpet and shower. They detailed the interior of our motorhome and oiled the cabinets. Place looks brand new.

While our coach was being detailed, we went to Tacos Gonzales for lunch. We are reallyreally, really, really going to miss Tacos Gonzales (Jefferson & Hwy 111 in Indio) and the entire Gonzales family!

Chicken taco - $1.59

So this is now our situation:

Our dishes, pots, pans, sofa cushions (and everything else) have been stowed inside the casita. Buckets of water have been placed inside the patio and casita, so there will be a teeny amount of humidity inside our covered area. Temperatures can climb up to 120° during the summer in Indio.

We have hired Maricela of Dynamic Interiors to keep watch over our casita. Maricela will report-in via cell phone photos. I love technology.

I am sad to leave our perfect campsite, our beautiful view and lovely weather. Also extremely sad to report our tomatoes are just now ripening and we will miss-out on the harvest. Our friends and neighbors remaining at the Motorcoach Country Club promise to savor the fruit. Enjoy your Caprese Salads, Captain Jim, Mary, Lois and Steve!

Our three ceramic planters are simply bursting with tomatoes. One plant has over 30 tomatoes.

I harvested three not-quite-ripe tomatoes. I will keep them in a paper bag and hopefully enjoy a juicy ripe love apple in a few days.

We lift-off tomorrow. Check-back to see where we land.

Until my next update, I remain, your vine-ripened correspondent.

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