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Nature Baby

Los Angeles, California: DT and I drove to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with Lisa, Lenny and Leo. We planned to arrive about the time Leo woke from his nap, but before the Kentucky Derby race. Lisa's friend, Beth (raised in Louisville!) was also arriving, with her husband and baby, to watch the Run for the Roses. I was providing Mint Juleps, made with mint from our garden in Indio. Speaking of our little garden - it looks like we may be able to harvest a few tomatoes (above) soon.

It was fun to have an actual Kentuckian in the house to tell us about what really goes-on during the derby... especially one who doesn't chastise much when I use Tennessee whiskey instead of Kentucky bourbon.

Lisa has the prettiest vintage glasses

Leo was so sweet with 5-month-old Levi (dressed in a dapper hat for Derby Day). Leo wasn't even jealous when Lisa brought-out his old bouncy chair for Levi to enjoy. Leo wasn't even jealous when his parents/grandparents held and cooed over gorgeous Levi. Leo pushed the bouncy chair for Levi, kissed his chubby cheeks and basically was the best nanny anyone could ask for. The adults were thinking we could all go out to dinner and leave Leo in charge.


Levi and his 'rents went home after the derby, and Lisa decided to entertain Leo in the back garden with a bubble machine.

Our 21-month-old grandson liked chasing bubbles for a while. But then he discovered something more interesting in the garden.

This is So-Cal. Everyone has an orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, quince, persimmon, avocado or other amazing fruit tree on their property. Lisa and Lenny have a Valencia (juicing) orange tree.

Leo skipped the part where you pick the orange from the tree. He just started eating the fruit while it was still attached to the branch!

Genius - even with a leaf stuck in his curls.

Grandpa picked the fruit from the tree for Leo, but the Smartest Baby Ever was able to tear it apart and eat the super juicy orange. We don't have to worry - dude can fend for himself in the wild.

It is unreal how much Leo looks like his Momma at the same age. Lisa had dark hair, but other than that... 

I think it is the eyes. And the curls.

After Leo had a bath and went to bed, Lisa prepared her version of Nobu's black cod in lettuce leaves. Our Girl is a Wonder! Delicious meal, served with steamed rice and Taiwan Pickle. Another great evening with our family.

Until my next update, I remain, your minty correspondent.