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Leo’s First Birthday

It is difficult to imagine in your early life that you will one day celebrate the first birthday of your first grandchild. Plan ahead, people, because celebrating your first grandchild's birthday is fun.

Leo's birthday started most auspiciously with a full moon setting into the Pacific Ocean. This photo was taken from our Glendale hotel room this morning around 6 o'clock.

Our day started with a walk - with Leo, Lenny, Lisa, Lenny's parents, DT and me - to Lenny's favorite breakfast hang-out for brunch. Leo was mostly asleep for his birthday breakfast trek, but rallied after his nap and actually ate most of the pancake the staff prepared - decorated with bananas - to celebrate the first birthday of their most faithful customer.

I need a pancake

Lenny decided the best thing to commemorate the first birthday of a Los Angeles baby would be a Griffith Park pony ride... especially since you cannot ride the ponies in Griffith Park until you are one year old.

Three dollars later, Leo had his ticket to ride a pony.

So, our little one year old (to the day) grandson was strapped onto a pony, and was led around and around and around. Leo was most interested in feeling the hair on the horse and smiling at his grandparents.

This is my favorite photo of the day - Lenny looking at his son.

Leo loved his pony ride. He even clapped (because he is very good at clapping) at one point. And I am here to tell you there is a possibility Leo's dad had to walk through a little organic fertilizer to accompany Leo on his birthday pony ride.

The Birthday Prince was all over his pretty Mother after the equestrian adventure and only wanted to pull her hair and give her kisses. What a sweet Birthday Boy!

Leo's big birthday graft was a very fun water table, where children can stand up next to a water-filled tub and play with the assorted plastic boats & plastic people associated with this plastic aquatic world. Within 15 seconds of discovering his new water world, Leo was completely drenched, yet had a fun afternoon with his four friends (from his neighborhood playgroup) around the water-filled play land.

Lisa planned Leo's birthday dinner to include only foods he could eat (wine not included) - plus his first taste of salmon. Leo's relatives dined on...

Wild Coho Salmon... Lisa oven-baked the fish.

Leo's favorite veggies - sweet potatoes and green beans...

A simple tomato and avocado salad with feta, oregano - dressed only in olive oil and cracked pepper.

For dessert, Lisa brought her son his first-ever taste of vanilla ice cream - with blue berries. In the end, Leo really loved the blueberries, but wasn't exactly sure what to think of the white cold stuff. A momentous occasion to be sure.

Cutest. Family. Ever.

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.