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Leo’s Birthday Weekend Begins

Los Angeles, California: As difficult as it is for me (and maybe you as well) to believe, Leo will be four years old on Sunday. Lenny and Lisa have planned another fabulous party, so DT and I flew down this afternoon to help prepare and enjoy our eldest grandchild as he celebrates his special day with classmates, friends, neighbors and family.

Big excitement at Portland International Airport: the old iconic airport carpet (a carpet so famous it has its own Wikipedia page) has now been completely replaced with newiconic carpet:

I like it!

We spent the afternoon with the kids. I haven't seen them since July 3rd and suddenly Leo is no longer a toddler. He has grown into a little boy. (Wait. Have I said this before?)

Oh, and... he is a pirate now. Again.

Lucy will be one August 19th. Not yet walking, but prefers to be vertical at all times. Her "thing" now is handing stuff to me. I say thank you and hand it back to her... and then the procedure is repeated. And repeated. And repeated. Her other new talent is to point to things and say "that".

The greatest physical change? Two upper teeth (with another upper tooth peeking through). 

Those eyelashes!

Lisa made a gourmet Chinese meal with eggplant, fried tofu and mushrooms in a miso glaze over rice.

A great evening in Los Angeles!

Until my next update, I remain, your party-prepping correspondent.