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Leo’s Birthday Party

Los Angeles, California: Though Leo's birthday was yesterday, Lisa and Lenny had his party this morning at his preschool. All his little pals gathered for a brunch. It was a perfect location for a party for toddlers.

Lisa is very crafty and made little "Leo" heads and masks as decoration. She also fashioned little hats for all the kids/adults. There were balloons and a lady making balloon animals. Every child went home with an adorable gift box filled with little toys. Fun... but let's face it - a birthday party for a two-year-old is mostly for the adults.

The menu consisted of assorted pastries, assorted mini-quiches, fruit salad and a pasta salad - with tons of juice - and Mimosa's for the adults. Everything (except a few of the pastries were made by Lisa (Lenny's Mom and I helped a bit yesterday).

Lenny's Mom spent hours yesterday wrapping string around adorable little cups and attaching a bamboo spork to each cup!

Bubba & Bubbe

Lisa baked 48 cupcakes (from scratch, of course) and one "smash cake" for her son.

Our Little Lefty can now easily blow-out a candle and loved having everyone sing Happy Birthday... but he was too busy playing with friends to eat his cake.

It was a great party (30+ adults and 10+ kids) and we were lucky to have perfect weather. Lenny, Lisa and Leo have the nicest - and interesting - group of friends. DT and I enjoy getting to know them better on each visit to Los Angeles.

Happy Golden Birthday, Leo!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.