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Leo is Five

Los Angeles, California: Though this birthday celebration has been going-on for several days, today our eldest grandchild turned five. Officially.

We went to Westward Beach in Malibu with nearly everyone in Leo's family - including both sets of grandparents.

80 degrees and a slight breeze

Lenny's dad with Leo and Lucy

Bubba with Miss Lucy

We were all quite surprised our little dare-devil, Lucy, wanted nothing to do with the scary ocean. No way. No how. She just wanted to play in the sand. But Lucy is Lucy and she did not like having sand on her hands. The afternoon was a vicious pattern of Lucy getting sand on her hands, dipping them in a pail of water to rinse the sand, drying her hands and then... getting sand on her hands, dipping them in a pail of water, drying her hands and then... well, you get the gist this scenario. The worst problem is that Lucy is constantly eating and she was freaked if sand touched her food... and if you are nearly two and you are eating at the beach... well, sand is going to touch your food.

All photos of the children today have them covered in white sunscreen. Safety first.

At one point Lisa buried Leo up to his chin in sand... but she let him escape.

After three hours of fun-in-the-sun, we went up to a beach-side restaurant, The Sunset, for a birthday dinner for our favorite five year old.

"Leo" ordered the house special tower of seafood - lobster, clams, oysters, hamachi crudo, shrimp and ahi tuna tartar.

This old Bubbe ordered fish and chips, made with red snapper.

Leo received a special birthday dessert and everyone sang Happy Birthday (again!) to a very happy Leo.

What a wonderful few days we have enjoyed celebrating Leo's fifth birthday! Leo is a most-excellent grandchild. Always interesting. Always challenging. Always sweet. Always concerned about everyone's feelings. Always asking questions. Leo is such a joy and we are so blessed he calls us Bubbe and Bubba! Happy Birthday, Leo!

Until my next update, I remain, your sandy correspondent.

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