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Summer in The City

Los Angeles, California:  With both sets of Grandparents in town to celebrate Leo's 5th birthday, we all spent the day with the kids at Grand Park - the beautiful park situated on the hillside extending above Los Angeles City Hall. The park has the slogan of "a park for everyone" and there are quiet corners, shady lawns, gardens, play structures and one of the nicest water splash parks ever encountered. And a Starbucks, naturally. We have been here many times. It is a great place to bring kids.

Our first stop in the huge park was to a very small play structure that has very cool tunnels and mounds to mount and an tall tower to climb - with an amazing tubular slide to shoot down.

If Leo does something, Lucy wants to copy. If Leo went down the slide, Lucy went down the slide. When Leo climbed to the top of the "mountain", Lucy followed.

Lucy might need a little help sometimes, but that is why she has her Daddy.

After our time at the play structure, we hiked to the top of the hill (temperatures were in the mid-90's - it felt like a hike) to let the kids play in the splash park.

Slathered in sun screen and wearing swim shirts... the life of a Los Angeles Baby.

For lunch, we walked a few blocks from Grand Park to the Grand Central Market - fruit and vegetable venders, butchers, flowers, bakers, etc., but mostly a ton of interesting restaurants. The grandparents all went immediately to Wexler's Delicatessen for their famous O.G. sandwich - House-Smoked Pastrami and mustard on Rye. That's it.

Sometimes, that is all a girl needs.

Unless the girl is Lucy. Lucy needs three or four good meals a day. Plus snacks. Plus lots of sparkling water. For dinner, Lucy enjoyed corkscrew pasta with broccoli and peas - topped with pecorino - served with watermelon, strawberries, grapes and blueberries. There may have been a mini chocolate cupcake leftover from the birthday party last evening. Lucy will be two years in a few weeks. She weighs 22 pounds. It's all a mystery.

Until my next update, I remain, your City Girl correspondent.