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Best. Birthday. Ever.

It's my birthday! Not something women of a certain age like to celebrate - but I had a perfect day, surrounded by my family and friends. Not to mention my grandson! Yes, I am a lot closer to 60 than 50. I don't care. I have no control over when I was born, but try to live every day filled with love, fun and purpose. Even this old granny hit the treadmill this morning.

Lisa had invited a group of my lady friends over this afternoon for "desserts & bubbly". She decorated the living and dining room with pretty pink flowers and filled trays with sweets. 

Then Lisa and Lenny gave Leo a bath - in my kitchen sink!

Brownies, Lemon Tarts with raspberries & coconut cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everything was so pretty! And pink! Nine ladies came to meet Leo celebrate my birthday.

Kathy & Mary finally held Leo. Kathy needs to practice-up on baby-holding - she will become a grandmother herself in a few months!

Photo by Mary

Leo slept through most of my birthday party. Too much estrogen in the room. The kid just checked-out for two hours.

Photo by Mary

I think this is the only moment Lisa had Leo all afternoon. Too many ladies wanted to hold the precious baby. But my friends did not ignore me:

I was showered with attention - and lovely gifts!

After the fizz was out of the champagne, my girlfriends went home and left us to celebrate Leo's first Shabbat in Oregon.

Delicious birthday dinner - prepared by me!

Until my next update, I remain, your young correspondent.