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Last Supper

Indio, California: This morning I baked in the outdoor kitchen for the last time. And I only used the oven. The pastries were prepared in the motorhome kitchen, as everything (including the potholders!) have been packed-away in preparation for our Tuesday departure.

Several weeks ago, an amazing-looking recipe came up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or maybe even Pinterest. Can't recall. I just know that I saved it in my "Recipes to Try" file in OneNote. (See, this Old Bubbe is totally hip, computer-confident, and dealing with social media.) The recipe, Apple Roses, from Cooking with Manuela, looked too fun to not try: 

Since this video has been viewed over three million times to date, many are intrigued by this pastry! Manuela makes it look so easy - and it is, but... dang, puff pastry dough is so difficult to work with in hot weather.

Oh, yeah. It's hot again. The cold (72°) snap lasted but one day.

The only tip I will add is to notice how thin she slices the apples. Thin is in - and thin slices will make rolling the pastries a snap. The Apple Roses are not very sweet, so a powdered sugar dusting just before serving would be a nice addition.

The clubhouse closed for the season this evening. The last night. I had to bring my own Tanqueray!

After Friday night's madness, the crowds were smaller and subdued.

Everyone was probably so sad, knowing they won't be able to enjoy this view until November.

Fish & Chips - and a burger

We said goodbyes to the few remaining staffers - Bryon, Romeo Caesar and Jose - and I cried all the way home.

Until my next update, I remain, your two-more-days correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club