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Happy Mother’s Day

Indio, California: Did you think I baked the Apples Roses for myself? Did you think we would head up to the wild wet North without saying goodbye to the grandkids?

This time, the grandkids (and their parents) came to the desert.

I won't see this little imp for several weeks. It is going to be torture. Nearly 4 years, Leo is so much fun. He has so much energy and is curious about so many things. Leo is also a very caring kid: when I said goodbye, he said he was going to miss me very much. (Or maybe he has taken Dale Carnegie for toddlers?)

Lucy is nearly 9 months old. She is crawling and has two little teeth. She is also adorable, calm, cuddly and is sleeping through the night (sometimes). Lucy never stops smiling.

Happy Mother's Day to you all - and Happy Mother's Day to our Beautiful Daughter - the Lovely Lisa - Super Mamma.

Until my next update, I remain, your one-more-day correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club