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Last Day in Portland

Wilsonville, Oregon: Since we moved into our motorhome on September 18th, we have spent every dang day getting ready to put our house on the market before we head south for the winter (as usual). Everything is as usual, except for one small detail: we are not coming back. Though many of you have speculated we have already purchased another house, I will honestly state we have not. We are living in our bus for the present and for the future. Once our house has sold, we will begin to look in earnest. Many homes in our neighborhood take over a year to sell.

Things have become quite a bit messed as the painting crew took three days longer than estimated to finish all the touch-up work. One thing led to another, which resulted in the nicest garage I have ever seen:

Can anyone explain why we didn’t paint our garage floor and the storage cabinets anytime during the past 25 years? The garage looks awesome. Hopefully, one day soon, someone will be parking their luxury automobile on these pristine floors.

My once-red office is now “maple” like the rest of the back portion of the house:

Once the house was emptied of everything except four rolls of toilet paper, the stagers began delivering furniture. But the stagers were held-up due to the carpet cleaner, who was delayed due to the painters…

Kitchen dinette


Dining room


The stagers had brought boxes of accessories, silk plants, dishes, etc., into the house, so I am assuming our home will look lovely and lived-in once the stagers have finished.

Living room


Around one o’clock this afternoon, I noticed three deer sleeping in the middle of our field. This field is adjacent to our circular drive that all morning was filled with at least ten cars and trucks. Painters, cleaners, stagers, Dave’s car, my car, carpet cleaning truck. There were people swarming around the drive way and the carpet cleaning truck was roaring with noise. The deer just slept like there was nothing unusual.

Maybe they were just there to say goodbye? To thank us for years of quiet days and empty driveways?

Tomorrow we will point this bus south. As usual, our first stop will be to Eugene, where we will have our motorhome’s annual service, and observe Yom Kippur.

Until my next update, I remain, your Oregonian correspondent.


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  1. Someone is getting a truly ready to live in home!
    Bet you have spent enough to make it happen quickly.
    Best of luck !

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