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Last day in Indio

Indio, California: Yep, folks... tomorrow we must point the Magna Peregrinus north and leave this idyllic valley in the sun. Things to do, people to meet, bills to pay, Duck basketball to watch.

My Driver ran four miles and I started my day by completing two circuits around the entire Motorcoach Country Club - 3.1 miles. Though I did stop and walk sometimes, it was a great work-out for this old lady.

We finished errands and did a bit of shopping in preparation for our 5 day drive north. Apparently Christmas is over in the Coachella Valley. The shops have now moved on to Valentine's Day.

Oh please! Y'all better get into the shops and buy up awholemessa this chocolate so the stores can put out all their Easter junk! You know that guy in your neighborhood who leaves his Christmas lights up all year? He isn't really stupid lazy unorganized - he is just "early" for next year!

If I ruled the world, Valentine stuff would not be allowed in stores until February 1st. (I would also ban chewing gum, those white plastic shopping bags and make everything close for Yom Kippur. But no one has offered to make me Queen. The Lovely Lisa would petition that cargo shorts also be banned unless you are actually hiking. Her Dad would be in dangerous peril. Cargo shorts are like a purse for men.)

But I regress... we stopped for lunch at RosAmarillo's. The joint was quite charming and, since it was named after my favorite flower, I was all excited to enjoy a great taco! Wrong!

Two Carne Asada Tacos with black beans and rice

Looked good, did not taste very good

The beef was flavor-free and so tough, I could barely bite through! The pico de gallowas yummy and spicy, the tortillas were good. The black beans were cold and I never did try the rice. So bummed, as this place is very close to the Motorcoach Country Club.

Huevos Rancheros

DT ordered Huevos Rancheros - there is an egg under the pico de gallo in the above photo. He was not impressed. RVGoddess.com rarely does this, but we are going to have to give a "not recommended by this website" rating to RosAmarillo's. (Not to mention, our lunches - with a bottle of sparkling water - was $24. Too expensive for what we received. I should have just ordered two chicken tacos ala carte (like I always do) and called it a day. Dang.

No matter. I didn't want to eat much for lunch anyway because tonight we were dining at my favorite restaurant in the Coachella Valley - Bellini - 73111 El Paseo, Palm Desert, (760) 341-2626. We picked-up Debbie & Mark and we all went to see Marci & Jim's new condo in Palm Desert. Their place is great! Huge vaulted ceilings, large rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a pretty patio with a view to the mountains and two-car garage in a gated community. Perfect. After a glass of wine and appetizers, we all went to Bellini for a wonderful dinner.

Spinach Cannelloni

Veal Milanese with Arugula and Tomatoes

Perfect meals, delicious wine, excellent service and great friends. A very nice evening and our last (for a while) in Palm Springs. Farewell to our desert friends - we hit the highway north in the morning.

Until my next update, I remain, your road-tripping correspondent.

RV Park:  Signature Resorts Motorcoach County Club.