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Observations from the passenger seat

Bakersfield, California: Considering we both checked emails, ran and showered before "breaking camp", leaving the Motorcoach Country Club at 10 o'clock was an early departure. Not that we actually wanted to leave this beautiful bit of RV Heaven. Of all the times we have been in Indio during January, never have we enjoyed such lovely weather. In the low 70's every day and no wind. Beautiful sunsets each evening. Friendly neighbors. (We have been here before where it has frozen and citrus farmers lost millions. We have been here before during a flood. Not this time. Simply lovely.

So, we found ourselves heading north, traveling the same route we have traveled countless times. Staring at the same billboards. Reading the same signs. This is when it hit me - smack in my little brain: What is happening to our society? We passed the usual "public service" signs, encouraging travelers to give blood, volunteer, not drink & drive and naturally, since we were in the Palm Springs area, several billboards for weight loss surgery, plastic surgery and tanning beds.

But what culture needs to have a billboard to remind you to not beat your kid? "Gee, I was thinking of going home and beating Little Johnnie tonight, but since I saw that billboard, I won't."

I also saw a billboard advising me to FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING. I suppose the obvious response would be to pull-over to the side of the road, park your car and walk to your destination. EAT RIGHT. BE ACTIVE. Another positive message that would tie-in well with the Global Warming billboard.

But the best sign - and also a bumper sticker - is DON"T ABANDON YOUR BABY. Who needs to be reminded to not abandon their baby? Who raises these morons? Maybe the same parents who caused the COVER YOUR COUGH and WASH YOUR HANDS billboards all over Los Angeles? What is next? BREATHE? DON'T FORGET TO WIPE? BRUSH YOUR TEETH? Insert your favorite billboard message here. Frightening. Absurd.

I want a billboard that says "ignore all those Carl's Jr., McDonald, Burger King, Taco Bell, A&W and Wendy's billboards you just passed and eat an apple". (Wash it first; compost the core.) I am just dreaming, aren't I? After all, all those DO NOT LITTER signs certainly aren't working.

So sorry, Dear Reader. I just kinda went off on a full-blown tangent, didn't I? (Not that you aren't all thinking the same thing.)

DT drove us all the way to Bakersfield, where we pulled into the same campground we visited on our trip south two weeks ago - the Bakersfield RV Resort. It was 49 degrees when we checked-in. We are watching the Texas-Alabama game and will call it an early night. In the morning we will jaunt over to I-5 and continue the trek north.

Until my next update, I remain, your observant correspondent.

My view most of the day

RV Park: Bakersfield RV Resort. Full hook-up gravel pull-through site 50 amp. Long enough that we did not have to unhitch the Honda. Pool, hot tub, fitness center, cable, rally facilities, laundry, on-site restaurant and bar. This is a very nice RV resort. We paid $32.10 with Good Sam Discount.