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Waxing… and more cocktails!

Indio, California:  The Magna Peregrinus had a beauty appointment this morning. Country Coach advises to not wax a new bus for one year (to allow the paint to cure), so we were due to give our RV her birthday gift. Every time we stay at the Motorcoach Country Club, we have Dynamic Mobile Detailing wash our motorhome. They do a great job and we are always happy with their service. Today, we had the entire bus washed and waxed.

First the bus is washed and towel-dried. Then a layer of wax is applied and left for one hour.

Wax on the passenger side of the Magna Peregrinus

Applying the wax with a power buffer

Close-up of the wax layer on the RV front cap

Wax covering the passenger side of our motorhome

Then the crew buffs the wax by hand.



The tires receive special attention


DT and I highly recommend Dynamic Mobile Detailing. Contact Paul Samuel by phone, 760.324.0935 or 760.250.5815, or by email, centerail@aol.com.

Dave discussing the Rose Bowl with Paul and Carol



The Magna Peregrinus is very happy with her birthday gift

And the crew races off to their next job!

As I know several readers will email to ask... Paul charged us $410. (He charges by the foot, number of slide rooms, etc.) The price includes the wash (roof too), wax and tire treatment. (The roof is not waxed, but is treated with a different product.) The entire process, with six workers, took three hours.

The price is a good value for us. It would take us two days to wax our RV - plus I have forbidden DT to set foot on the roof. Paul, and his sister, Carol, are very personable. The staff will go out their way to make sure there isn't a drop of water left on the RV and will buff your motorhome until it is ridiculously shiny. Smiling all the while.

The morning shot, we set out on our next adventure... which was another cocktail party! Tonight we hosted old friends, Mary Lou & Dave and Keith & Nellie for drinks and appetizers in our motorhome. We first met Mary Lou, Dave, Nellie & Keith years ago in Tucson, and have kept-up with their travels throughout the years. Dave & Mary Lou have taken their massive Country Coach all the way to Central America! Huge Duck Fans - it was great to host them in the Magna Peregrinus tonight. Dave & Mary Lou were also tailgating at the Rose Bowl Friday afternoon. They are also trying to get over the loss and continue on with their lives... but as long-time Duck fans... they know how to move on and are already thinking about next season. GO DUCKS!

Dave Thun, DT, Keith & Nellie Hobson

After our friends left, Dave grilled a grass-fed ribeye I had brought from our hippy market at home.

I marinated the ribeye in olive oil, white wine, salt and pepper. DT grilled it outside on our O-Grill. Inside the bus, I roasted (more) butternut squash and sliced a few tomatoes. We enjoyed a truly gourmet fest and had few dishes to wash.

(Note to C & B: If you look closely inside your motorhome, you will notice it includes a stove, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator.)

Until my next update, I remain, your very friendly correspondent.

RV Park:  Signature Resorts Motorcoach County Club.