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La Quinta Arts Festival

Indio, California:  Plans have changed due to a predicted wind and rain storm over the weekend. The tomato plants have been super-staked. Awnings are in. Screens are down. In preparation for the storm, our little golf cart is parked inside our covered patio. Our campsite is hunkered down.

But there was little wind this morning and rain wasn't predicted until tomorrow, so a visit to the 34th annual La Quinta Arts Festival was put back on the plan-o-the-day. The festival is held in Old Town La Quinta, at the beautiful and large city park - complete with a koi-and-duck-filled pond. We have attended the festival many times, have never bought a thing, and really enjoying bringing out-of-visitors to this fun event.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to use a camera at an arts festival, as most artists prohibit photography of their work, so I am limited to "area" shots.

Booths are set up throughout the park so artists can display their paintings, jewelry, sculptures, textiles, glass and any combination of these skills, as patrons file past the rows of temporary art galleries. It is always a fascinating afternoon and I spend thousands of dollars (in my head on art I have no where to place). Dave and I are still looking for "the perfect piece" to hang on the brick wall in our pavilion. It must be weather/sun/heat resistant, so probably metal... but to date, we have found nothing that struck us enough to bring out our checkbook. Some day.

The skies were threatening, but no rain. The park is tucked away behind the mountains, so gets less wind than blustry Indio.

I have no exact figures, but most of the artists seem to return year after year to the La Quinta Arts Festival, which has been rated the #1 fine arts event in the US for the past three years. 220 artists displayed this year and quite a few seem to have traveled to Portofino and Cinque Terre to paint landscapes... in case you are needing such a thing for your home... or RV

Anyway, always a great way to spend an afternoon and get lots of steps on your pedometer. Other than the $17 admission, I did not open my purse, and was even able to resist our usual trip to the ice cream stand for vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in Brandini Toffee.

Photo from 2014

Such will power!

Until my next update, I remain, your "waiting for the storm (and the Downton Abbey finale)" correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club