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Baby Watch

Los Angeles, California:  Since we had been trapped at home for eons (and I had cooked every meal consumed all week), My Driver gave me a reprieve. We dined in a real restaurant Sunday night as a bon voyage celebration - after a stop to visit Our Poor Neglected Motorhome, to see how she was doing and to see if she would start. She did.

Mingo had a lasagna special with chicken and peppers with a roasted red pepper sauce. What's not to love? Such a lovely and quiet meal.

I happily left a full-on beehive of activity at Taylor Manor this morning and headed to Portland International Airport. The constant pounding and sawing was beginning to make me a little meshuga. Dave later reported the work crew will, indeed, be back tomorrow.

Will. This. Ever. End.

The plane carried me from 100° Portland to 85° Los Angeles. (A rare switcheroo.) Lisa and Leo fetched me from the terminal. On the ride home, I gave Leo (another) Oregon Duck tee shirt and he thanked me and sang the Oregon Fight Song. When Leo finished singing, he said he was going to sing the song again - WITH HIS NOSE - and started humming the tune. Lisa and I laughed so hard, I thought she was going to swerve into another lane. Listen up, peeps, humming is now SINGING WITH YOUR NOSE!

That kid cracks me up.

So happy to be back in Los Angeles with my family and am anxious for DT to join us.

And anxious to meet Baby Girl.

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.